IGFF is a private institute doing applied research & consultancy within aquaponics, urban agriculture and the economic organization of agro food chains.


Aquaponics, the combined production of fish and plants, are becoming a core industry of our activities, and we are together with Norwegian, Icelandic and Spanish partners building up a scientific and commercial aquaponic sector in Europe.


Urban agriculture connected to aquaponics is part of our longer term investment areas.

Aquaponic food production



We are continuing the expansion of our aquaponic food division, and have in 2013 established a new subsidiary 'Chinamapa ApS' to be in charge of the commercial tasks of our aquaponic business. 


IGFF has the overall responsibilities of the aquaponic research facilities as well as obligations to our national and international research partners.


Our institute is in the process of setting up a 400 m2 aquaponic demo plant as an urban roof top farm in Copenhagen so we can conduct parallel research with aquaponics supporting urban food systems, climate resilience and cities farming for the future. 

Organic value chains and pro-poor development


IGFF is involved In East Africa with capacity building and development of organic value chains promoting organic growth within export, domestic supermarkets and the tourist industry. 


We have a long term record of operating with different types of value chains in developing countries, and a profound knowledge on how economic institutions and organization varies with the type of food system they operate in. 


The experiences are being disseminated through scientific journals and books, which can downloaded via 'Publications'.

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